Give back

There are a number of ways that you can give back to the University, either financially by donating to Sydney, or non-financially by supporting our students.

Become a mentor

Why not become a mentor to a University student? Mentoring is widely recognised as one of the most worthwhile and satisfying ways in which more experienced people can help the younger or less experienced. No previous mentoring experience is required and you will find it highly personally rewarding to help someone else make good decisions about their professional development.

Assist with student vacation placements

You can also help support our faculty's students by assisting with vacation placements. Each year during the December-February vacation period, our students are encouraged to find work experience. If your organisation can assist with these placements or any short-term work experience opportunities for students, please contact Engineering Sydney on +61 2 9351 5768 or

Fun, Fare and Future Alumni

Fun, fare & future alumni is a program connecting new international students with alumni. Gatherings hosted by alumni provide an opportunity for students to meet and engage with their fellow students and alumni families, enabling all to share academic, professional and social experiences and foster new friendships.