Technology Innovation: the brain, mental health and wellbeing

On 21 October 2015, the faculty hosted a multidisciplinary event on campus for alumni and members of the local health and allied health industry. The event featured presentations on current mental health policies, the common issues facing clinicians and their patients and a number of innovations with applications to further support mental health and wellbeing.

Presenters included:
Professor Ian Hickie, AM
Renowned mental health advocate and Co-Director (Health and Policy) Sydney Brain and Mind Centre
Professor Rafael Calvo
School of Electrical and Information Engineering
Professor Calvo is Co-Director of the Software Engineering Group that focuses on the design of systems that support wellbeing in areas of mental health, medicine and education.
Associate Professor Fabio Ramos
School of Information Technologies
Associate Professor Ramos leads the Robotics Learning and Reasoning Group within the School of IT. He has particular interest in developing devices to help people with cognitive impairment (such as dementia) to regain a level of independence.

This event was part of the faculty’s ongoing Technology Innovation Series.

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Slides and audio of the event