Linhao (Jerry) Li: Intelligent Sydney – embracing digital buildings
Bachelor of Engineering Honours (Mechatronics)

Imagine a world where buildings could talk, think and predict people’s needs! This world isn’t so far away in the mind of Bachelor of Engineering Honours (Mechatronics) student, Jerry (Linhao) Li.

Tasked with devising a way to transform Sydney into a first-tier city for the Lendlease Bradfield Urbanisation Scholarship, Jerry’s idea secured him a spot as one of the seven finalists.  His idea is to turn Sydney into “an intelligent city, which means we can talk to the buildings and the buildings can think, learn and estimate what we want”. Devices in people’s homes could be remotely controlled, for example, adjusting room temperature or letting you know you’re out of milk. Jerry’s concept is grounded in ecologically sustainable approaches, through the use of solar power, energy-saving capabilities and strategies to combat traffic congestion in the city.

The 19-year-old international student from China’s northern city of Harbin has found that his experience with the University of Sydney’s Engineering and IT Faculty has helped him build his communication skills with a diverse range of people from around the world. He enjoys meeting new people each day and sees it as setting the groundwork for his future career as an engineer.

The scholarship was established by Lendlease to support undergraduate students studying the development of cities and includes students from the disciplines of urban development, urban planning and design, project finance, project and facilities management, and engineering at the University of Sydney.

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