Flexible first year - declaration of discipline

Those students who have met the requirements for first year entry (ATAR cut-off) into a particular degree and stream will be guaranteed a place in second year in that stream or degree even though they choose the Flexible First Year program.

Students attaining high average marks in the Flexible First Year program will be eligible to apply for second year entry into higher ATAR cut-off degrees or streams. See transfer requirements in the table shown below. These conditions for entry into a second year specialist degree or stream will also apply for combined degree candidates.

2016/17 Students: Since the ATAR for FFY and every stream was 90, every stream transfer is available and approved for every student.
Moving to Space major in MECH/MTRX/AERO still requires WAM = 75

Changing from single to combined degree requires an internal course application.

After we have processed your change of stream, we will send you information about changing your units of study to get you on the right pathway for your chosen stream.

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