Computer Science and Technology Honours

Students who have qualified for the Bachelor of Computer Science and Technology degree with a Weighted Average Mark of 65 or above may apply to enter the Bachelor of Computer Science and Technology Honours program.

The Bachelor of Computer Science and Technology Honours is an adjunct program, requiring an additional 48 credit points (one year) of study in either computer science or information systems streams, depending on the study completed during the degree.

  • The Computer Science Honours program provides specialist training for postgraduate research in computer science, and for IT research and development in industry or business.
  • The Information Systems Honours program provides graduates with the analytical and consulting skills for problem solving or research in a variety of areas in the IT sector.
    Both streams consist of advanced coursework related to the research interests of members of the school and a year-long project conducted under the supervision of an academic staff member.

As a specialist degree, the aim of honours is not to cover the full breadth of IT, but rather to introduce students to the cutting edge in selected areas of research and practice. The honours program provides an opportunity to become actively involved in the research carried out by members of the school. Graduates take skills with them into the workplace which give them a competitive edge. Consequently, University of Sydney graduates are much in demand within the industry.

Entry Requirements

Computer Science and Information Systems Honours are both open to students of sufficient merit who have taken at least 24 credit points of third-year IT modules (excluding project modules) within a completed Bachelor of Computer Science and Technology, Bachelor of Computer Science and Technology(Advanced) or Bachelor of Information Technology. Entry is also available to students from Science, Arts or Economics degrees, provided the requirement for 24 credit points of third-year IT modules is met.

To be eligible for entry to Honours, students are required to have:

  • completed the requirements for their current degree
  • completed 24 credit points from 3rd year IT units of study (excluding project units).
  • a WAM (Weighted Average Mark) of at least 65
  • a Credit average result (65%+) for their 3rd year IT units.
  • enrolment is subject to the approval of the School, which has the right to impose additional requirements. Applicants are reminded that entry into Honours is competitive.

Requirements for Combined Degree Students
Bachelor of Information Technology/Bachelor of Commerce and Bachelor of Information Technology/Bachelor of Medical Science students must complete at least 144 credit points before commencing Honours, but are permitted to complete:

  • a minimum of 30cp from 3000-level IT units (including INFO3402 and INFO3600);
  • a minimum of 78cp from units at 3000-level and/or above as listed in the Bachelor of Information Technology unit of study tables on CUSP (Computer Science stream, Information Systems stream).

Once admitted to Honours, students must complete their research project over two consecutive semesters (excluding Summer and Winter semesters), but can complete their Honours coursework during the remainder of their combined degree.

Honours Scholarships

The University offers a number of scholarships for Honours students, awarded on the basis of academic merit and equity. For more information, visit the honours scholarships page.

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