Zhili (Lili) Guo

  • Age: 19
  • Degree: Bachelor of Engineering (Honours) and Bachelor of Project Management


Lili Guo

What attracted you to the Global Engineering Field Work course? To be honest, I was attracted to the design summit first then found out about the course, so I would say the practical application side attracted me to this course.

What are your preconceived notions about India? I am expecting urban areas to be fairly developed and influenced by Western culture and rural areas to be a lot more traditional. Poor sanitation is also what I’ve heard a lot, with non-filtered tap water and likely pit toilets. The people are apparently very humble towards foreigners.

What do you hope to achieve while you’re there? In alignment with the reasons that made me decide to go on this trip, I wish to not only gain experience in doing engineering design, but also have a better understanding of the India culture, and hope to make new friends with the locals and other students.

What are you excited about? As this is a new experience to me there are lots of things I’m excited about, top of the list would be to be able to travel to a new country, but the fact that I’ll be able to meet new people and do some practical application of my knowledge is also very intriguing.

What is the type of role you are hoping to secure once you’ve graduated? As a civil engineering student aspiring to major in structures, after graduation my plan is to go into  structural design, but after I’ve built up experience I have hopes to be involved in sustainable engineering projects.


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