About Us


The mission of this unit is to promote a culture of systemic and sustained educational innovation, guide the deployment of innovation within programs, and establish a community of practice around excellence and scholarship in Engineering and IT education.

Our objectives are:

  • Improve the student experience by promoting excellence in engineering and IT education, sustained innovation, and the adoption of appropriate approaches to engineering and IT education
  • Build a community of practice of educators with a passion for educational excellence built upon sound scholarship
  • Work to ensure that the Faculty teaching practices reflect transdisciplinary and global perspectives and are based on international best practice
  • Provide mechanisms for supporting, recognising and rewarding educational excellence and innovation
  • Encourage the exploration of novel approaches to engineering education and the dissemination and recognition of outcomes across the Faculty
  • Position the Faculty of Engineering and IT at the forefront of innovation in engineering education within Australia.


Unit co-directors
Associate Professor
Abelardo Pardo
Associate Professor
Peter Gibbens
Innovation Board

The board will be responsible for providing overall strategic governance of the Unit. The Innovation Board meetings are held twice per calendar year.

David Lowe
Associate Professor
Ian Manchester
Associate Professor
Masahiro Takatsuka
Joseph Lizier
Associate Professor
Xiaoke Yi
Alejandro Montoya
Adam Bridgeman
Peter Reimann
Philip Poronnik
Affiliate members

Affiliate members can participate in the activities of the unit and apply for supporting grants. Any Faculty member can choose to self-nominate as an affiliate member of the Unit.

Core members

Core members have a sustained commitment to educational excellence and an active engagement in innovation and educational scholarship.

How to become a core member?
Affiliate members of EIU may apply to become core members of the unit if they fulfil any of the following conditions during the last five years:

  • Participated in a project funded by the EIU
  • Published a scholarly publication related innovation in engineering education.
  • Coordinated a national or international initiative related to engineering education.

Those core members that no longer satisfy these conditions will automatically become affiliate members.

Educational Fellows

The unit will select certain researchers who have made outstanding contributions to educational excellence within the Faculty as fellows.

What we do

  • Lunch and Learn Series
  • Collaboration with UTS ~ CREITE (Collaborative Research in Engineering and IT Education)
  • Seminar Series (Wolfram, TRIZ, Smart Sparrow, CDIO and SparkPlus)
  • Strategic Education Grant management and direction
  • Strategic Initiatives (Virtual Reality Lab and Multidisciplinary Capstone Projects)

Grants and Publications