EIU Grants

The 2017 FEIT Education Innovation Grants are a Faculty of Engineering and Information Technologies Educational Innovation Unit scheme to fund educational innovation, and educational quality improvement proposals for units of study, major or degree programs and other learning opportunities in line with the University Strategy 2016-2020.

The 2017 grants were open to fixed term or continuing University of Sydney staff in the Faculty of Engineering and Information Technologies for projects starting 1 March 2017 and finishing before 28 February 2018.

Selection Criteria

All applications were assessed according to the following selection criteria:

  • Compelling scholarly rationale, supported where possible by relevant evidence.
  • Alignment of project outcomes with the strategies and initiatives of the University’s 2016- 2020 Strategic Plan.
  • Expected impact and reach (the significance of the impact on students’ learning experiences, outcomes and the numbers of students, units of study and degrees positively affected).
  • A robust plan for initial evaluation and ongoing improvement.
  • A capacity for sustained delivery and impact of the project, beyond the grant period (project completion).
Selection Process

Applications were assessed by a panel consisting of the EIU Director(s), the Associate Dean Learning and Teaching, the Associate Dean Education and the chief Educational Designer for the faculty. Individually, panel members assessed applications against the selection criteria. The panel then selected projects eligible to be funded, based on the selection criteria, and in line with University strategic requirements.
Panel members may propose changes, determine any special conditions for successful applicants, and prepare feedback for unsuccessful applicants.