Practical Databases: Managing and Analysing Data with SQL

Awarded an Open Learning Environment Grant to the value of $12, 000.

Project Description

Data is the gold of the 21st century. Accross all disciplines it is crucial to be able to effectively share and analyse large data collections. Managing data in spreadsheets however only works for small data sets and easily ends in 'Excel Hell'.

This OLE introduces databases for scientists and other non-IT disciplines, and will teach the SQL database query language with a focus on developing practical skills for data analysis. Database systems (for example SQL Server or MySQL) are widely used in industry and academia, and are essential for effective sharing of large data collections. The SQL language is a powerful tool for analysing big data without the need to programming.

The OLE will be delivered using an interactive online tutorial platform with auto-grading support, and (for 2 crpts students) online guidance from a human tutor. It is complementary to other OLEs about data-focused computation and programming for data analysis.

The Team

A/Prof Uwe Roehm
Bryn Jeffries