Project management for HDR success

Awarded an Open Learning Environment Grant to the value of $10, 878

Project Description

To enjoy and be enriched by the journey of a PhD candidature requires aptitude,intellectual rigor, a thirst for challenge, determination and some very pragmatic skills - one being how to successfully manage a project. This OLE provides a framework to manage the delivery of a very important project - the PhD.

The OLE will be a useful resource for HDR students to scope the key deliverables required to complete their PhD, set out a realistic schedule that allows for approvals, data collection, funding requests for equipment or other expected and unexpected elements to be scheduled both in time and cost. Key constraints and risks can be identified and mitigation strategies developed to manage the key progress milestones. Students will receive guidance in managing key stakeholders in their project, including their supervisor(s) and research participants.

The OLE will generate templates that HDR can use and that will be linked to key University processes and policies and will be able to be shared with supervisors, administrators of HDR students and any associated groups that may provide a network or industry experience that contributes to the PhD.

The Team

Prof Lynn Crawford
Margaret Gardoll