Event Details

This event aims to:

  • Boost Australia’s capacity to compete in the global market, particularly in the production of high value products with health benefits for the prevention and treatment of chronic and acute diseases.
  • Design cost-effective and sustainable processes for producing these products with a view to minimising waste, enhancing efficiency and reducing energy consumption.
  • Develop high value active materials and products by combining advances in micro and nanotechnology, material science, and bioengineering.
  • Develop strong research tools for scientists by combining novel materials and advanced sensors, microfluidic platforms, and micro and nano fabrication strategies.
  • Provide an interface between a diverse range of biotech industries and researchers. Through this collaboration identify their major issues and use state-of-the art engineering and scientific solutions that are easy-to-implement.
  • Collaborate with industry to translate research discoveries into products and bring them to market.
  • Train future leaders and Australia’s next generation of experts in biotechnology at our highly multidisciplinary environment through research, internships, and workshops.
Food Processing


Who should attend?

  • academics
  • industrialists
  • young researchers
  • scientific and research community
  • government organisations

Benefits of attending:

As well as the chance to present, debate and discuss relevant topics and technologies, you'll find out about:

  • latest developments on biochemical engineering research
  • latest International research project results dissemination 
  • career opportunities for biochemical and process engineers

Plus a chance to attend: 

  • An International Food/Biomedical Forum
  • student/industry networking forum

Meet with other industry and academic delegates and network with early career researchers to foster new relationships with future employees/collaborators.