We welcome you to the annual workshop of the Australian Research Council Food Processing Training Centre and Institute of Biomedical Engineering and IT.

Conference Program now available for download

In this workshop we will discuss the latest advances in biotechnology, particularly micro- and nanotechnologies for food and medical applications. You will hear from leading experts, the latest advances in biotechnology, micro and nanotechnologies. We will tackle the many challenges that exist in food manufacturing and biomedicine at the interface of science, engineering and biological sciences.

Also in this workshop we will discuss design of advanced methods in food production and storage that are more cost-effective and sustainable, with a view to minimising waste and enhancing efficiency. We will also highlight innovative approaches to convert waste to high value products with potential health benefits for the prevention and treatment of chronic and acute diseases such as cancer, osteoporosis and cardiovascular problems. In another session of this workshop we will discuss the latest advances in micro- and nanotechnologies and applications in diagnostics, therapeutic drug delivery and regenerative medicine. Participants will acquire both the fundamental and advanced knowledge in the field of bioMEMS, biomaterials and tissue engineering.

We will foster true exchange of ideas across disciplines to address critical issues that have been preventing innovation from developing to its fullest potential in biotechnology. We will:

  • Develop a forum to have a vigorous and open dialogue with leading engineers, basic scientists, clinicians, and industry veterans to work towards the development of cutting edge technologies for faster, more quantitative, and less expensive solutions in the field of biotechnology using advances in micro/nanotechnology.
  • Develop a community to share new micro/nanoengineering approaches and technologies in the context of real-world needs and issues. We will hear from nutritionist, clinicians and scientists on the grand challenge problems in health and medicine that can be addressed with micro/nanotechnology and engineering. Specifically, we will address issues such as: manufacturability, robustness, cost, end-user-ability, commercialization, and other issues that often plague new technology adoption.
  • Address the gap between technology innovations and useful applications in biotechnology and biomedical research, thus highlighting the urgent need for additional translation of advanced research in micro/nanotechnology. We will lead discussions to facilitate possible solutions to better turn these research innovations into commercial products.

The key areas of discussion are:

  • Translation of Lab advanced systems to Biotech Industry
  • Advances in engineering and biotechnology for food processing
  • Biosensors and system biology
  • Bioactive materials, drug delivery, and nutritional food production
  • Bio-nano interactions and biomaterial developments