Dr APJ Kalam, Former President of India

Sustained Development Systems for 3 Billion

Dr Kalam

In May 2011, we hosted the former president of India and distinguished scientist and technologist, Dr APJ Kalam. Dr Kalam’s lecture, Sustained Development Systems for 3 Billion, addressed his vision for providing sustainable development for a county that is projected to have the largest population on earth within 50 years.

During his visit, Dr Kalam was awarded an honorary doctorate in recognition of his outstanding global contribution to the profession of engineering.

Dr. Kalam continues to play an influential role in encouraging the uptake of science and technology by young people. As part of his visit to the University, he met with students from Fairfield High School.

Dr Kalam

DR APJ Kalam Sustained Development Systems for 3 Billion lecture

Demonstrating his ongoing support for international students wishing to study engineering and IT at the University, Dr Kalam has worked with the University on the establishment of a new scholarships scheme.