David Youngs Lifetime Achievement Award

At the 13th IWPCTM in Woburn, UK, the scientific committee of the IWPCTM agreed to establish the David Youngs Lifetime Achievement Award for outstanding scientific achievement in realms relevant to the IWPCTM.

At the 15th IWPCTM held in Sydney, the Scientific Committee voted to award this Lifetime Achievement Award jointly to Dr Yuri Kucherenko and Dr Karnig Mikaelian.

Dr Kucherenko has conducted pioneering experiments in Rayleigh Taylor and Richtmyer-Meshkov instabilities. Dr Mikaelian has developed multiple outstanding theoretical analyses and models of Rayleigh Taylor and Richtmyer-Meshkov instabilities which have been very well received in the community. Both awardees have also made additional excellent contributions in fields outside the direct theme of our workshop.

On behalf of the Scientific Committee of the IWPCTM, we warmly congratulate Dr Yuri Kucherenko and Dr Karnig Mikaelian for their exceptional contributions.

Ben Thornber
Chair, IWPCTM15

This event was held 10-15 July 2016
Sydney, New South Wales, Australia

The 15th International Workshop on the Physics of Compressible Turbulent Mixing (IWPCTM) brings together researchers from universities and research laboratories around the world to discuss the state-of-the-art in theory, modelling, experiment and simulation of compressible and variable-density turbulent mixing induced by hydrodynamic instabilities in multi-material hydrodynamic flows.

The workshop will include both oral and poster presentations, together with informal round table discussion sessions.

Following the conference, it is expected that peer-reviewed papers based on the oral presentations will be published in a special issue of the Journal of Fluids Engineering ('J Fluids Eng-Trans ASME'). Conference presentations and posters will also be made available on the conference website.


This workshop focuses on both fundamental and applied aspects of turbulent mixing, and includes (but is not limited to):

  • Rayleigh-Taylor instability
  • Richtmyer-Meshkov instability
  • Kelvin-Helmholtz instability
  • Combined instabilities
  • Compressible and variable-density mixing layers
  • High speed mixing in Scramjets
  • Entrainment and mixing in sheared interface flows
  • Experimental, numerical and theoretical studies
  • Numerical, experimental, analytical and semi-analytical techniques
  • Direct numerical simulation (DNS), large-eddy simulation (LES) and Reynolds-averaged turbulence modelling
  • Applications including inertial confinement fusion (ICF), astrophysics, high-energy density physics, scramjets, and materials science