Postgraduate Studies

In a global economy that places a premium on cutting-edge skills and genuine innovation, well-qualified engineers, project managers and IT professionals are highly sought after.

Whether you would like to enhance your career prospects, change your career or gain professional qualifications, our range of programs can help you achieve your goals.

Engineering and Professional Engineering

We offer two engineering postgraduate coursework programs.

The Master of Engineering is a specialised program for qualified engineers seeking to move into a management role.

The Master of Professional Engineering is for those looking to change careers and become an engineer, obtain accredited qualifications that will enable you to practise in Australia and overseas, or simply move into a different field of engineering.

Project Management and Project Leadership

The faculty offers two coursework programs in this field. 

The Master of Project Management is a professional qualification, providing you with a sound educational platform for a career in project management.

The Master of Project Leadership is a professional degree designed for experienced project managers and senior managers seeking to develop the critical complex thinking and communication skills required for successful organisational leadership.

Information Technology and Information Technology Management

We offer a range of technology-based degrees suited to your professional goals.

The Graduate Diploma in Computing can help you transition into an IT career or enhance your existing career with a technology-based qualification.

The Master of Information Technology program is suitable for IT professionals wanting to extend and update their technical knowledge.

The Master of Information Technology Management program is for those already working in IT and pursuing a successful career in management using technology to transform businesses and improve productivity.

The two-year combined Master of Information Technology / Master of Information Technology Management program is suitable for those seeking to deepen their technical skills while developing managerial capability.

The Master of Data Science will develop your analytical and technical skills to use data science to guide strategic decisions in your area of expertise

The Master of Health Technology Innovation is designed for health practitioners, engineers, IT professionals and scientists wanting to deliver improved health outcomes for patients through the innovative use of technology.

Complex Systems

The Master of Complex Systems will provide you with the skills to anticipate, control and manage the complexity of the unexpected.