Computer science and technology

computer science

Computers and technology permeate all aspects of business and social life. They are central to solving many of the big challenges facing society and are capable of positively impacting the lives of millions of people worldwide.

Professionals and researchers in these areas find innovative solutions, build scalable infrastructure, develop new products, manage data, improve efficiencies and facilitate communication. With a computational perspective on problem solving, designing systems and understanding human behaviour, they can apply these ideas and techniques to a number of disciplines including business, engineering, natural and social sciences and the humanities.

Our degree programs in computer science and technology prepare you to operate as a professional at the cutting edge of information technology. With a combination of teaching and practical experience, you will be able to create, manage or administer applications, websites and systems for new and established organisations across any industry or, depending on your level of study, move into management roles.


At the undergraduate level, we offer several different degree structures including the 4-year Bachelor of Information Technology and the 3-year Bachelor of Computer Science and Technology that also has an advanced option for those with substantial programming experience.

Within both degrees students have the option of electing to focus on either a computer science stream, concentrating on the fundamental aspects of computing and information processing or an information systems stream, applying software design and development to the business domain.

Undergraduates also have the option in participating in world leading research from the first year through special projects.

Our undergraduate degrees have been awarded professional level accreditation by the Australian Computer Society.

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At the postgraduate level, our programs offer a carefully chosen blend of courses in principles and practice in computer science, information systems management and software engineering. The Master of Information Technology will help you extend and update your knowledge on advanced computing subjects while the Master of Information Technology Management will help technically-skilled graduates advance their career in management. We also offer a Graduate Diploma in Computing for graduates in areas other then IT looking for a career change.

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Our research is strongly focussed in the areas of algorithmics and applications, enterprise computing, human centred computing and IT applications in health care. Much of our research is interdisciplinary and internationally collaborative.

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