Software engineering

Software Engineering

Software engineering involves all aspects of software production from the strategy and design to coding, quality and management of large-scale, complex software systems.

With the growth in cloud computing and the increasing demand for sophisticated business solutions which access massive databases across wide networks, the need for highly-skilled software engineers is growing rapidly.

We offer both undergraduate and postgraduate programs in this field, including exciting opportunities in research. Our degree programs include foundation studies in mathematics, computer science and computer system principles, on which further studies in software design, development, security and management are built, including programming languages, databases, operating systems and enterprise and internet scale systems


Our undergraduate programs include the Bachelor of Engineering Honours (Software) and Bachelor of Project Management (Software).

The Bachelor of Engineering Honours (Software) is a four-year degree with specialisations in business software, systems and hardware, computer-aided design (CAD), multimedia and biological information. A five-year combined degree program incorporating project management, science, commerce, arts, medical science, music or law is also available. The bachelor degree is accredited by both the Australian Computer Society and Engineers Australia.

If your interest lies more in information technology, the faculty also offers a Bachelor of Information Technology and a Bachelor of Computer Science and Technology, with streams in either computer science or information systems.

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At the postgraduate level, we offer a coursework program as part of the Master of Engineering and Master of Professional Engineering. We also offer research programs leading to the degrees of Master of Philosophy and Doctor of Philosophy.

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For those interested in information technologies, we also offer a Master of Information Technology and a Master of Information Technology Management. Find out more about our IT courses.


Our research is strongly focussed in the areas of algorithmics and applications, enterprise computing, human centred computing and IT applications in health care. Much of our research is interdisciplinary and internationally collaborative.

Find research opportunities in this field, read about our supervisors' areas of interest and expertise, and make contact with them via Research Supervisor Connect.