At the University of Sydney, we’re creating the engineers, project managers and IT professionals of the future, those highly-sought-after graduates you want on your team.

We’re shaping our students into industry leaders: fostering their passion and motivation, and giving them hands-on experience as well as technical skills. We’re also preparing them to be excellent communicators, able to work effectively within teams and with clients.

About the scholarship

Our Leadership Scholarship is regarded as one of Australia’s most valuable programs, both to the recipients and their industry partners.

Recipients enter the program through a rigorous entry process, starting with a minimum ATAR of 98+ in their Higher School Certificate (or equivalent qualification). This is followed by an in-depth application process, assessing their interpersonal skills, leadership qualities, communication skills, creativity, self-motivation and achievements in non-academic and community-based pursuits.

In years one and two, the University of Sydney provides all the funding for Leadership Scholarship students. This means that, before commencing the placement with their industry partner, your student will have completed up to two years of their degree and have been given:

  • leadership insights, including working with the Warren Centre’s Chair in Engineering Innovation and the John Grill Centre for Project Leadership
  • access to online networking forums and regular networking functions, where they will have met with alumni, government and industry leaders
  • exposure to the latest research and technical advances on campus.

Industry placement

A structured professional experience placement within your organisation will provide your student with the skills to thrive in a business environment. You will be able to track your student’s progress and tailor their experiences for each placement, ensuring they gain an appreciation of the unique opportunities your organisation offers.

Students undertake two placements during their tenure with your organisation. Whether these placements occur in a block or non-sequential number of days can be negotiated to suit your business needs.

Engineering and IT

  • End of Year 2 to middle of Year 3: 8-week block or 40 days
  • End of year 3 to middle of Year 4: 12-week block or 60 days.

Project Management

  • End of year 1 to middle of Year 2: 6-week block or 30 days
  • End of Year 2 to middle of Year 3: 12-week block or 60 days.

Should you wish to offer them a position as a graduate or part-time employee, they will be able to add value to your business from day one.

Financial commitment & benefits

A scholarship partner's total financial commitment is $20,000 per year for the final two years ($40,000 in total for each student).

  • Bachelor of Engineering Honours (4 years) Partner cost: $40,000
  • Bachelor of Project Management (3 years) Partner cost: $40,000
  • Bachelor of Information Technologies/Bachelor of Advanced Computing, from 2018: (4 years) Partner cost: $40,000

As well as participating in your student’s educational experience, you will have the opportunity to meet other talented students as well as academics, alumni and industry peers at regular events and forums held throughout the year.

More information

To learn more about the Faculty of Engineering and IT Leadership Scholarship, please contact:

Contact Keiran Passmore on
T 02 9351 5768