Sydney Industry Project Placement Scholarships (SIPPS)

Industry Scholarships SIPPS

The Sydney Industry Project Placement Scholarships (SIPPS) scheme is an industry placement program that gives high-achieving students the chance to spend six-months working for a company as part of their final year of study. They are able to apply the insights they've gained through their degree to real-world problems.

The students work full-time on a specific business problem, undertaking high-level investigative research, analysis and testing, in order to design potential solutions. At the end of the work placement students produce a thesis under the guidance of their industry and academic supervisors which reports on their research and design work.

By supporting students through the SIPPS program companies are in the great position of having access to the brightest students Sydney University has to offer, with fresh eyes and new perspectives on business and engineering problems, as well as the drive and enthusiasm to make a lasting impact on the project.

The Faculty of Engineering and IT has relationships with a range of companies across a broad spectrum of discipline areas, so students can work somewhere relevant to their area of interest and future career.

In 2017, we have students working in biomedical instrumentation design, orthopaedics, management consulting, combustion modelling, energy management and fluid dynamics. One student from our space engineering program is even undertaking his SIPPS placement at NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory in California, working on the next generation of space robotic systems.

The good news is the placement doesn't delay the completion of the degree, as it meets the fourth-year course requirements, meaning students gain industry experience while finishing their degree.

For further information on SIPPS opportunities for aeronautical, biomedical, mechanical or mechatronic students, please contact: and for electrical engineering: