Master of Engineering

This program will allow you to build on your existing engineering undergraduate degree by developing specialised technical knowledge in one of 12 engineering majors.
The course also includes four professional engineering management subjects (Entrepreneurship for Engineers, Project Process Planning and Control, Safety Systems and Risk Management, and Sustainable Design, Engineering and Management) that will enhance your leadership and commercial capabilities, providing you with greater opportunity for career advancement.

This degree is designed to help you develop your management and professional capability in the engineering field, or build on your existing engineering undergraduate degree and become more technically specialised in your current engineering field.

The Master of Engineering is a 1.5 full time program (or part time equivalent).

Depending on the level and type of your prior studies, you may be eligible for advanced standing of up to 24 credit points (6 months at full time study load). This will be assessed on a case-by-case basis.

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