Food for Health and Food-omics

The Food for Health and Food-omics research stream will tackle the intersection of food product matrices, micronutrients and compounds with human health in general. It will use ‘omics’ platforms to characterise food biomarkers and accelerate food analytics, with the goal of optimising food composition, safety and traceability. Armed with new and essential data and measurements, this stream will innovate in food matrix construction and manipulation, begin the development of personalised diets and demystify the complex interaction between ‘the human’ (microbiome, immune system) and food.

This stream will therefore deliver the knowledge and technology needed by the agrifood industry to produce food products and processes that have a positive impact on human health and well-being. But, most importantly, the advanced analytics will allow food producers to provide increasingly sceptical and credulous customers with hard, empirical data on their products.

Food for health at the Centre of Excellence for Advanced Food Enginomics (CAFE) at the University of Sydney