Clean intelligent energy networks

Our research in this field focuses on new technologies for the electricity, gas, water, transport, communications and medical fields to develop more interoperable, secure and efficient critical infrastructure.

Our research team’s skills cover complex systems, micro-grid, cyber systems, load monitoring, optimisation, control design, power system stability, vulnerability and associated software and data mining tools. Experience within this team extends to working with grid technologies, power system operations and planning, market modelling, risk and forecasting. We also work with leading international institutions, including alliance partner Tsinghua University, to undertake joint research programs in energy networks.

Areas of research

Our areas of ongoing research include:

  • carbon capture and storage
  • clean combustion
  • cyber physical system
  • demand-side management
  • energy market simulation, planning and risk management
  • energy internet
  • energy storage and electrical vehicles
  • the internet of things and next generation telecommunications
  • generation grid connection studies
  • green data centres
  • load modelling
  • power system operations and planning
  • power system modelling, dynamics and control
  • power system condition monitoring
  • smart grids
  • smart sensors
  • solar thermal use
  • solar PV
  • transport biofuels
  • wind power and wind farm planning.

Working with Industry

The Clean Intelligent Energy Networks Research Group is also committed to working closely with industry. Many leading Australian companies support several of our chairs, centres and laboratories in this area including:

  • ABB Technology Centre
  • Ausgrid Chair in Electrical Engineering
  • Delta Electricity Chair in Sustainable Energy Development
  • Sir William Tyree Laboratory in Power Engineering.

Join us in engineering a better future through the development of sustainable clean energy solutions.