Our People


Professor Simon Ringer
Director, Core Facilities
Materials characterisation, design and engineering

Professor Kim Rasmussen
Chairman, Centre for Advanced Structural Engineering
Steel and aluminium structures

Building Structures

Kim Rasmussen, Steel and Aluminium Structures
Itai Einav, Granular materials and particulate systems
Gianluca Ranzi, Concrete and composite building materials, structural analysis
Luming Shen, Nano-Mechanics and behaviour of materials, impact engineering
Gwenaelle Proust, Metals and behaviour under external load- aluminium, steel, titanium and magnesium
Hao Zhang, Structural engineering, focus on natural disasters
Cao Hung Pham, Direct strength methods: buckling, shear
Daniel Dias Da Costa, Structural engineering and material mechanics

Aerospace Structures

Grant Steven, Mechanical engineering
Liyong Tong, Aeronautical engineering, polymer composites
KC Wong, Unmanned aircraft systems
Gareth Vio, Aerospace engineering, and aeroelasticity
Dries Verstraete, Aircraft design, unmanned aerial vehicles, micro gas turbines

Mechanical Materials and Structures

Yiu-Wing Mai , Advanced Materials, incl. nano, bio
Lin Ye, Mechanical engineering, composite materials
Li Chang, Precision Manufacturing and Nanotribiology

Chemical and Biomechanical Materials and Structures

Andrew Ruys, Biomaterials, advanced bioceramics, biomedical engineeering
Qing Li, Computational biomedical research engineer
Timothy Langrish, Drying technologies
Philp De Chazal, Sleep disorder breathing
Andrew Minett, Intelligent Polymer Research, carbon nanotubes, device fabrication
Ali Abbas, Mathematical modelling -particulate systems, Energy systems and bio-systems
Vincent Gomes, Polymer science, novel applications of polymeric nanocomposites
Colin Dunstan, Bone metabolism, biomedical engineering, cancer, osteoporosis

Advanced Nanostructured Materials

Simon Ringer, Materials characterisation, design and engineering
Julie Cairney, Materials characterisation using advanced microscopy techniques
Xiaozhou Liao, TEM, Advanced structural and functional materials,Nanomaterials
Zongwen Liu, Materials characterisation (SEM, Atom probe) Quantum dots, PV
Jun Huang, Novel catalysts for renewable energy, industrial processes etc
Rongkun Zheng, Nanomagnetism, Structure-property relationships in functional materials, Microscopy & Microanalysis
Junhai Xia, TEM, nanomaterials and nanofabrication


Professor Kim Rasmussen
Professor Timothy Langrish
Professor Simon Ringer
Professor Andrew Ruys
Professor Lin Ye

Student Enquiries

Dr Anna Ceguerra, Project Officer