Readmission after exclusion or lapse of candidature

The University of Sydney Coursework Policy 2014 requires that faculties can specify the procedures by which a student can apply for readmission after exclusion or lapse of candidature.

Students should contact the Engineering and IT Faculty office to apply for re-admission.

For excluded students

For excluded students you may apply for readmission after 4 semesters of exclusion.

You should write a covering letter addressing the criteria below, and include documentary evidence to substantiate your case. Please email your submission to or visit the Engineering and IT Faculty Office for in person questions.

Applications for readmission after exclusion should outline with evidence how, during your period of non-enrolment, you have strengthened your skills that would assist academic success in an engineering/IT/project management course in a university environment. This could include evidence of relevant employment or educational courses such as TAFE maths and engineering subjects, english classes etc.

You should include how your personal circumstances have changed including evidence that any issues that had impacted on your studies previously had been resolved to such an extent that would lead to academic success in an engineering/IT/project management course in a university environment.

Please note that if you do have an exclusion on your tertiary record, and that is usually considered negatively by most universities if you were applying for another degree. However, some universities, including ours, do allow students in cases like yours to apply for special consideration on applications, if you can give a decent explanation for say good school results, but then not so good university results. You can read more on the University of Sydney special consideration process for readmission for local students. If you were considering another university we would advise that you research if they offer such consideration as well.

  • If you are re-admitted after exclusion or lapse, the resolutions in force at the time of re-admission apply to the completion of your degree.
  • The Faculty resolutions specify how time limits for the completion of the degree apply in such cases.
  • The Dean (or his/her delegate in these matters) may apply additional conditions on readmission, including (but not limited to) maximum enrolment credit points, or units of study which may or may not be attempted in specific semesters.

For students with lapsed candidature

"Lapsed candidature" means that at some stage you left your degree without formally telling us. For whatever reason, you chose not to re-enrol for a semester, without having specifically gaining approval for a leave of absence, or you did not return to your degree after your period of approved absence.

Students wishing to return after lapsed candidature are obliged to re-apply for entry to their degree via the same method as a new student would need to apply (eg a local undergraduate would have to apply to UAC)

You my be asked to include an explanation as to why your candidature lapsed in the first place, and appropriate evidence to indicate how those circumstances have been resolved.