What I loved about my first year of Engineering and IT at the University of Sydney


Scarlett Armstrong

Experiencing the different career pathways available for engineers

“Being able to participate in the Engineers Without Borders Advanced Engineering challenge was a major highlight of my first year. Working with a small group of students from other engineering streams to design a humanitarian engineering solution for a refugee camp in Zambia was exciting and stimulating. We were given the chance to present our design to professional engineers at Arup Australia, which was such a great opportunity. The program gave me a real taste of the different career pathways an engineering degree can lead to.”

Scarlett Armstrong, Bachelor of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering

Madeleine Wagner

Studying something I love

“My first year at the University of Sydney was the first time I was able to study something that I actually love. I learned so much more than I ever expected and I could see how important what I was learning would be for my future.”

Madeleine Wagner, Bachelor of Information Technology / Bachelor of Arts

Hamish Ivison

Being able to apply my skills to real-world problems

“In my first year I enjoyed being able to apply my knowledge and experience to real-world situations. I took part in programming competitions and hackathons, which had practical relevance and impact. There are so many opportunities at Sydney University to pursue what you’re interested in beyond the classroom, which makes it such a great place to study.”

Hamish Ivison, Bachelor of Information Technology/ Bachelor of Arts

Madeleine Wagner

The people

“My first year studying engineering was a year of change and new experiences. What I loved most was the people I met – the professors, tutors and my fellow students. Studying at the Peter Nicol Russell building (the engineering learning hub) helped me meet other students who were going through the similar experiences and made a challenging year so much easier.”

Pamela Kahwajy, Bachelor of Engineering Honours (Civil)/ Bachelor of Project Management

Zhili Guo

The fun + learning combination

“There’s no other university like Sydney and there’s no other faculty like engineering. With so many clubs, societies and activities to be involved in, from civil to biomedical, aeronautical and electrical, there’s always something to enjoy. I was always able to form connections with engineering students from other streams and these friendships led to great collaborative learning.”

Zhili (Lily) Guo, Bachelor of Engineering Honours (Civil)/Bachelor of Project Management